This is my Minecraft journal entry that I wrote after I got cheap Minecraft accounts from this credible link and enjoyed this amazing game. 

Journal Entry 1: Eleven days ago I woke up in this desert without any memory of what happened prior. I was confused. I was lost. But mostly I was alone. That entire day I didn’t see any signs of life save for a cactus here and there. “What was I doing here in this desert and what strange power put me here”, I wondered to myself. I still haven’t found the answer to my question. But, luckily, what I did find that day was equally as important as an answer: water. I at least had the comfort that I wouldn’t have to die of dehydration out here. Lucky me. With my thirst quenched, I set about finding a solution to the blistering heat that emanated from the gigantic sun above my head. Seeing only sand around me, I tried my hand at making a makeshift igloo of sorts but made of sand instead of snow. By the time my poor shelter was finished, it was roughly four o’clock, judging by the sun’s position, and I was overwhelmed with the desire to rest. So, I entered my little sand hut and laid down on the warm sand. I was entering the sweet world of sleep when I heard some of the most monstrous noises imaginable. 

I looked outside and saw hordes of zombies and skeletons that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The zombies made deep, grating moans that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, and I could hear the bones of the skeletons clicking and clacking with an eerie ring to them. Immediately, I piled up some sand to block the entrance to my home and tried to get some rest, but sleep was not kind enough to visit me again that night.

The course of the next ten days ran similar to the first. By day, I improved my living conditions, harvested cactus apples, and explored my dessert a little. One day, I even discovered a cave where I found a sword! I was so happy knowing that I now had the means to fight the monsters. Speaking of which, by night I defended myself against these monsters, be it through hiding in my shelter or improving my skills with a blade. The night that I found that sword, I tested my abilities against my undead foes and found that they were actually quite lively. I was forced to make a tactical withdrawal back to my sand hut. Over the next few nights though, I learned their habits and patterns and now I’m able to handle a good size group of them with ease. They’ve actually learned to not bother me at night, and I’ve been able to get some good sleep as of late, which I’m sure my body and mind are very grateful for.

The sun is setting on my new home. I must go now and prepare for the upcoming wave of undead creatures. Hmm. Perhaps I haven’t found my answer because I no longer need it. Instead, I think I found a purpose to being here: to survive. The only thing filling my head right now, as the sun sets, is “Survive. Survive. Survive!” instead of what probably should be there: “Go to sleep!” Well, no time for philosophical musings; there are enemies to vanquish. Perhaps I’ll write in this journal again. It will be amusing to document my accomplishments in this inhospitable desert that I now call home.

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