So you have looked at your self in the mirror and said, I really need to lose some weight. And then the excuses pop into your head as if I am too old or I hate diets or maybe you just find it difficult to stick to a diet. Well maybe this article will be just what you need to read.

Now please bear in mind that I am not a doctor and before you start any type of weight loss program, you should talk to your doctor. I am 6’0 and at one point, I was 260 pounds. Now granted I am muscular but I was still over weight and my belly was making my back hurt. To make matters worse as a Law Enforcement Officer I have to run occasionally. There is no worse sight in the world that watching a cop run and looking like he just came from the donut shop.

I cannot say that I tried every weight loss plan that there is, I mainly tried the Atkins diet and food deprivation. The Atkins diet helped me lose 20 pounds and I started to look pretty good, but the problem is if you want to keep the weight off you have to stay on the diet for ever or else it comes right back, and lets face it the Atkins diet gets boring after awhile, besides the fact I didn’t have any energy.

Depriving me of food made my energy level drop and kept me hungry constantly. I knew there had to be another answer.

After going for a while with out trying anything I decided to try jogging one day I was not even able to make it a mile. This just would not do too many people count on me and by letting myself go I was putting their lives at risk.

At that point, I started watching how I did things. I noticed that I consumed a lot of sugar, I also started asking questions like “why when I was growing up why didn’t I have this problem” the answer was simple. I was more active, granted my metabolism has slowed but that alone could not be the problem.

At that point, I resolved that I would stop eating sugar (not counting natural sugars) and two days a week I would power walk and jog, when I would be tired or to winded from jogging I would walk. Soon I was power walking / jogging 3 times a week then four, five, six, and then seven. Then I realized that the answer to weight loss is not in medicine or fancy diets, it is in Cardio exercise.

Once a week I started weighing my self. I was loosing one to two pounds per week, but an amazing thing happened I was beginning to run more than I was walking so I decided to join a gym.

It has been just about 5 months I have gone from 260 to 230, I am feeling a lot better I can run 2 miles without stopping, and I have expanded my workout to weights. However if I were to give advice about running I would suggest not running seven days a week you would probably be better off only running five days a week and resting for two days (I say this because of foot strain which I am trying to recover from.

My next piece of advice is that if you do not start, you will not be able to lose weight. Do what ever you can, if you can only walk then start walking. Some people can only walk a little ways before they are winded but the important thing to remember is that you have to start somewhere. You don’t have to be afraid and worried because there are products that can help you lose weight easily. Just check these leptocnnect real reviews and you’ll see that it is possible for you to lose weight and be confident about it.

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