Can 9/11 happen again? Most security experts will say that an event exactly like 9/11 is impossible. That is mainly due to enhanced security measures that include an increased number of air marshals, impenetrable cockpit doors, and intensified scrutiny at the checkpoint in airport terminals.

It’s hard to refute what security experts suggest. And even though I still believe in the adage that “nothing is impossible,” I would be absolutely astounded if hijackers could pull off an exact replica of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But what about an attack that is something a little different? After all, there are holes in the system, and without being privileged to what the terrorists and radicals are planning for the future, there is no way that security professionals can stay ahead of the thought process in order to have security measures that account for anything and everything. Nevertheless, we can at least try and Palma transfers with 89transfers is there to help you with that.

I’m no professional, but there are at least a dozen things that I can think of, from off the top of my head, that seems like obvious holes in protecting the airliner industry.

For starters, forget about the planes, what about the airports themselves? Already we have seen terrorists drive a jeep into the entrance of an airport terminal in England. And despite being fully aware that this has happened, I’m not aware of any specific security measures designed to prevent that from happening in the United States. Now, the obvious step to take is to disallow vehicles not driven by Airport employees from driving up, by or near the terminals. And I know that there would be an immediate backlash to such a provision. But in reality, is it not something we should be willing to do? The provision can be as simple as having a bus pick up people from the parking lots, or there could be a specific entrance far from the actual terminal where people can still drive up to.

Then there is the element of safety inside of the terminal, before the checkpoint. Why not make it so that nothing can happen there either? With all the concern that goes into what activity goes on past the checkpoint, I think that the entire terminal is a target for terrorists due to the obvious element of pure capitalism that is prevalent throughout the majority of major Airports in America. A complicated and expensive solution is to take the checkpoint and move it outside of the terminal. Or you could have a checkpoint both outside and inside the terminal. While expensive, I say why not do it? Besides, whose idea was it to make the inner circle of the terminal safe and to make the outer circle completely void of security measures? It just doesn’t make sense that someone would draw it up like that. And now that people have grown accustomed to that line of thinking, people will assume that having the checkpoint outside of the terminal is a ridiculous idea. But when the first hundreds or thousands of people die from an attack inside the terminal, there won’t be any hesitation to have an exterior checkpoint.

And what about the areas after the checkpoint too? Is it really all that safe? With all of the restaurants, stores, and activities, it seems as if there is entirely too much access to things that could potentially be dangerous to people in the terminal and/or possibly on the plane. From bottles of water to utensils and other gizmos and gadgets that could be bought in stores or stolen from areas within the terminal, there are a lot of things that evil minds could do with those materials. Need I remind you that 9/11 was the result of terrorists having nothing but seemingly harmless box cutters? Should these things really be available at a point where people have inhibited access to planes? I wouldn’t think so.

I could go on to list more problems, and I’m sure experts could come up with 50 more. And yet there are no security measures to prevent such things because we are entirely too reactive instead of preventing the few things that we can in order to keep up with the fanatics who will never stop looking for a way to get ahead of the game.

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