Choosing the right paint color for your kitchen walls is like playing the game of chess. The first move is always easy, but it sets the stage for other moves. The other moves in your kitchen are the colors of your cabinets, countertops, appliances and floor. If you are starting from scratch and want to pick your wall color first, not an advisable action, then you’re most likely to select a color that makes you happy. It could be a cool or warm color like oyster or light yellow or it could be a cheery color like lime green. The current trend for wall colors in colonial homes is natural and neutral colors like oyster, taupe, light yellow and sage. Some people go slightly beyond the neutral for a bit more spice with mustard, caramel, avocado, mocha and a whole array of coffee colors. It is no coincidence that these are colors of food, since if you think it’s yummy, then it belongs in the kitchen.

Why is it not advisable to choose your favorite color first, even if it makes you and your guests salivate the moment you arrive in your kitchen? It sets the stage for your other moves! That means you’re much more limited in the colors of your other kitchen elements. Sure, you can pay through the nose for a custom color appliance, but I challenge you to find all matching appliances with all of the features you’d like.

Choose your cabinets, countertops, appliances and floor material first. Decide if you want a light, dark, medium neutral or mixed kitchen. Yes, choose tone first. Once you have selected all of these, you are now on par with existing kitchens. Proper guidance should be provided to the person for the selection of cookware for glass top stoves. The cooking of the food is great in the cookware at the glass stoves. The selection of the right cookware should be done for the preparation of delicious food at the stoves with proper precautions. 

Let’s talk about choosing a color for an existing kitchen. If you have an existing kitchen, or one with a design mostly completed, then now is when choosing a paint color is like the end of your chess game. It’s either going to bring everything together or it’s going to make something pop.

Look at your kitchen design. What is your favorite element? Is it the shape of your cabinets or the impressive horizontal mass of your blue-eyed granite countertop? Well, then you’ll want to choose a wall color that will offset, or contrast these favorite museum pieces. A safe way to make them pop, is to offset them in tone. If your cherry cabinets are truly outstanding, you’ll want to go with a lighter color to highlight their form. If you are a bolder person with color, then you’ll want to choose a complementary color, or hue, to bring out the warm orange-red. For example, a light sage will do this. Green, as in sage green, is opposite of red on the color wheel.

Now you tell me that you’re not crazy about the form of your cabinets? The person who chose them was overcome with choice and wanted a little bit of everything? Are they overdone in variety and a bit haphazard? If this is the case, then you’ll want a wall color that will unify them. You don’t want an unsightly element to pop. Choose a color that will bring them together. But still, if they happen to be that beautiful cherry color but in a wretched form, then go with the yummy caramel color. Now this color will serve double duty, as it will soften their cacophonous edges and make you feel overcome with a healthy appetite at the same time.

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