A Great Day For A Pixel Art Tuesday Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hey guys! Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another pixel art showcase! This week we’ve been sent in quite a few interesting designs, although all of them have a cartoony theme to them. For those that are wondering, the winning post for the ships and airplanes design contest has been delayed for another week because there are so many designs to get through! Anyway, let’s get back to the pixel art, shall we?

First up is an awesome Kirby design from Creeperbomb6! Kirby is a Nintendo character that has his own series of games just like Mario! In the background, you may have also noticed the awesome Goomba design which was also made by Creeperbomb6!

That guy managed to fit in with the Nintendo theme by creating his very own Yoshi pixel art! Yoshi is one of my favorite Nintendo ever, so it was great to see this! Once again, there’s a pesky Goomba skulking around in the background.

We then have the star of the show, Mario! This pixel art was made by Mike_Struble and it looks super cool! Mike has made it look like Mario is about to hit the question mark block to collect a power-up.

Next, we have gone back to the land of Minecraft with this awesome cow head art that was made completely out of wool!

And finally, we have the creeper head logo! – this one was made by buttercreeper5000! The logo is simple, but it is now iconic, and it’s always a nice surprise to see.

For those who missed out on this event or are not that well-versed with pixel arts, alts.top is a perfect resource that will help them learn more about “Pixel Art Tuesday Minecraft Pocket Edition” and how they can hone their skills as well.