Shoppers are attaining the most benefit from the events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Even though how fascinating both black Fridays or cyber Monday seem like, but there is a huge risk involved while shopping on these occasions which people rarely talk about. 

Cyber Monday can be quite rough during the holiday shopping season. There are plenty of cyber villains who practice onslaught of social engineering scam and malicious, spoofed websites. We are looking at plenty of methods to opt to shop safely from cyber Monday. 

Five methods to shop safely on Cyber Monday!

  • Visit retailers’ website then search engines:

it is better to choose for the retailers’ website where you have minimal risk of facing any scam or malicious practices. In case you find a deal that uses search engine it is better to verify it for not being tricked by the scammers. 

  • Be aware of social media scams:

there is no denial into an aspect that brands get most of their sales through social media, but still, chances of scams are more likely to happen on social media. You need to watch out platforms like Facebook where cybercriminals use fake or compromised Facebook accounts to post links to incredible deals that don’t even exist in reality. 

  • Discard cyber Monday emails with attachments:

cyber Monday emails shared as an attachment in word docs or pdfs. Receiving these emails is highly dubious as they may contain malware. It is better to delete these emails as soon as possible. When you receive any link, it is better to look for the brand and website on the search engine before opening the link directly into an email.

  • Ensure you are on secure connection:

it is an impressive way for one to choose for the secure connection. You can know whether the connection is secure or not by looking at a URL that exhibits perfectly if the connection is secure or not. To have better security consider to choose for the reputable VPN that will encrypt traffic passed among web servers. For mobile users, it is not a safe option to access the network through wi-fi connection instead choose to go for a VPN to have better and secured access. 

  • Prohibit using debit cards for shopping:

it is not a safe option to use debit cards for shopping as doing, so cyber criminals get direct access to your bank account. Using PayPal account or credit cards is a safer option that you can opt for minimizing the chances of frauds. 

Hence, these are tips to keep in mind while doing cyber Monday. When want to shop for larger items like cyber Monday tv deals 2020 is the perfect occasion to choose for. You can save up on large costs by shopping on cyber Monday or black Friday where retailers provide great discount bigger items but also offer a complimentary gift with it. Nevertheless, make sure to choose the proper methods to reduce the chances of getting tricked by cybercriminals and malicious activities. 


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