5 Cool tricks and tips for Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms of today’s date. With more than billions of users, the app’s surely more than just sharing photos and videos. The latest update of Instagram has provided some brilliant new features. One of the easiest ways to improve your Insta game is by putting regular updates in the form of stories. Here are some cool tricks and hacks that you can use to make your Instagram stories more engaging.

  • Instagram story template

Putting on stories might be helpful, but only when it is worth interacting with others. Using Instagram story templates not only saves time but also provides an aesthetic touch over your story. Tons of creators have worked their way up to build some cool templates for the benefit of people like you. 

Choose a template appropriate to your post, and there you go showering beauty over your simple photographs. You need to learn hacks for Instagram story download to make your experience even more enriching. 

  • Choosing a good font and eye-catching colors

When it comes to Instagram, consistency is always the key. Every story needs to have a font that suits the kind of content you’re uploading. It doesn’t even have to be a custom font; the app provides a variety in itself.  Choose the fonts wisely and try to adjust the color with a pen-like feature that lets you extract colors from any part of your image.

  • Use filters on your videos

Assuming you want to upload a video of something you’ve clicked before, there’s always an option to make it more aesthetic and eye-catching when you’re on the verge of posting it. Simply click on the video you want to post, and later when you’re done with it, press on the little smiley feature on the top-left of the screen, and boom! 

You’re into a whole new collection of unique Insta filters. You can also do the same with selfies and click instant pictures with the filters already added to it. Adding a filter can instantly make a simple video look more vibrant and interesting to have a peek at.

  • Create instant collages 

Very few people are familiar with Instagram having an almost secret facility of creating instant collages. In order to make a collage of different photographs put together.  Simply take a picture or create a solid background, then when you’re done with it, press the sticker icon on the top of the screen. 

The mentioned feature provides various options, including the one that allows you to add new pictures to the story. Use as many pictures as you want and assign them to areas on the screen per your choice, and your collage is ready.

  • Audience Insights

For all the creators out there, it’s essential to keep track of their Instagram reach. One of the vital reasons behind a creator’s success is the regular checking of their progress through the story’s Insights. 

Firstly, it’s important to know that you need to have a creator’s account to access this feature; however, if you aren’t a creator yet, you can do it in the settings. Once your creator account is ready, you’re authorized to reach all your audience insights and content. It helps in the organic growth of your Instagram account.