3 Free Ways to Help You Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution in Denver

Exercise is an important part of any New Year’s weight loss resolution. Denver is one of the best areas to be when it comes to exercise. With a decent climate year-round and many different ways to exercise at no cost to you, finding a way to get fit is simple.

Local Trails

There are many walking and jogging trails throughout the Denver metro area. The Cherry Creek Trail is one of the best known in the area with almost 13 miles of trails that run from Denver through Aurora. On the west side of town, the Green Mountain Open Space has over 4 miles of trails. There are also many local parks throughout the Denver area with smaller trails. Find a couple of trails near you that you enjoy to help you stick with your weight loss resolution.

Mall Walking

When the weather is too cold, rainy, or snowy, the perfect alternative to Denver’s excellent trails is walking at one of the many indoor malls in the area. Wherever you live in the Denver area, there is bound to be a shopping mall near you. Here are the major indoor malls in Denver:

Cherry Creek

Denver, CO


Park Meadows Mall

Lone Tree, Colorado


Flatiron Crossing

Broomfield, CO


Denver Pavillions

Denver, CO


Colorado Mills

Lakewood, CO


If you plan to do mall walking on a frequent basis, it is worth a call to the mall offices to see if they have a mall walker program. Some malls have one that allows you to walk the mall before it opens.

Free Fitness Groups

If you’re ready for an intense workout, try going to the It Burns Joe Fitness workouts. His group is free and meets every Saturday at Red Rocks Amphitheater at 8:00 am and at Denver Club Form Fitness on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm. For a great way to get in some healthy exercise and get some advice, try Walk with a Doc, a free Meetup group in Denver where you can talk to a doctor while you walk. A quick check of Meetup.com under the fitness section will also bring up a lot of exercise groups in Denver that you can join for free. Just find one that fits your style and availability.

You may also want to consider taking leptoconnect, a weight loss supplement that is perfect for your diet. This product is made from all natural ingredients making it safe and healthy to consume without any side effects.

Losing weight is not easy but finding ways to make exercise a part of your routine is simple when you live in Denver. Whether it is walking one of the trails in the area or finding a fitness group, just be sure to make the commitment to stick to it every week.