10 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting

Being in a relationship with a person who loves and cares for you is not something that happens to everyone. However, relationships tend to fall apart because the lovers feel like they have “fallen out of love” and would sometimes begin to search for other ways to keep them interested.

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Never let that happen between you and your loved one. Learn to keep things interesting and continuously enjoy your relationship by experiencing new and exciting things together. Here are 10 surefire ways to do just that:

  1. Give each other some space.

Remember that feeling when you two were not yet a couple and you always wanted to be with him or her all of the time but cannot because you don’t want to seem too eager?

Well now that you are both in a relationship and really spending a lot of time with each other, one or both of you will start to miss that giddy feeling. When you give your partner his or her “me” time, that’s when you will start to miss each other and experience that feeling all over again. If this sounds difficult, why not start by letting each other go about the day without constantly texting or calling? See if that won’t make one miss the other.

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  1. Explore a new place.

Couples bond closer together if they share a common experience. The bond becomes even tighter if this experience is thrilling. When you and your partner are thinking of going on a vacation, check out some new spots that the two of you have not been to before.

An adventure is definitely something that can spark your interest. Make it a memorable experience by bracing yourself for the unexpected and that no matter what happens, you two will end up laughing about it afterward.

  1. Stay fit together.

Exercise makes your brain release endorphins, which is the neurochemical that makes you feel happy, that is why people who exercise regularly are always perky. Exercise together with your partner and enjoy the invigorating feeling afterwards.

Enrol in a fitness class together, such as learning self-defense or kickboxing. You can also both go out for a run and then work on improving your stamina in order to join a marathon as a couple. The both of you will definitely have a lot of fun with your new hobby, and one amazing bonus is that you will both start to look and feel better as well.

  1. Learn something new together.

When you learn something new, your mind is stimulated and your knowledge and interests expand. Share a new learning experience with your partner and enjoy discovering that new hobby or body of knowledge together. It could be something as simple as learning to cook Italian food, or it could be enrolling in a crash course on giving first aid.

You can also take online classes together on a particular subject that the both of you are genuinely interested in, such as arts or history. Your conversations will be peppered with all sorts of new findings and even spark up a friendly debate. Oh, and would it not be fun to go on a study date!

  1. Throw a party.

Plan and throw fun party together and invite friends from both sides. Everyone will get to know each other better, and you and your partner can play hosts for the first time. Think of a theme that might be suitable to both your friends and that of your partner’s. Come up with interesting games and prepare funny or cool prizes.

Plan out the arrangement in such a way that everyone is obliged to mingle, such as putting the food and drinks table in the center of the room. Keep it light and fun, and let your partner have fun with their friends while you enjoy time with yours. Soon enough they will want you back in their arms.

  1. Give each other gifts.

Gift giving does not always have to be exclusively during birthdays, anniversaries, or the holidays. It does not also have to cost a lot. Surprise your partner with a simple gift to cheer him up, such as a trip to the spa or a cup of their favorite coffee together with cookies that you have personally baked.

If your partner just got something new for themselves that they really like, such as a brand new gadget, you can give them a nifty accessory to use with it such as a stylus or earphones. It is a much less expensive gift that they will still appreciate a lot.

  1. Set common goals.

If you are the type of person who is fond of setting goals, then you must be familiar with that feeling of wanting to reach it. When you set goals with your partner, the two of you can share that mutual feeling of being driven to achieve those goals.

Create a bucket list of the dreams that you both share, such as visiting Disneyland or learning how to draw comic books. Make one particular day of your week the time wherein you two can meet up to talk about how you will plan on achieving those goals; and if you have already achieved your goals, go ahead and set some more.

  1. Adopt a pet together.

Share your love with another being that really needs it. Talk to your partner about saving a pet from the shelter and give it the care and attention that it lacks. You will not only provide a loving forever home to your new dog, cat or rabbit, you will also strengthen the bond that you have between you and your partner.

Have fun learning how to take care of a new pet and then go out and look for that special little fur-ball that you two can share. Just make sure that neither of you have any allergies to your future pet’s fur.

  1. Explore exotic culinary flavors.

They say that a way to a man’s (or sometimes a woman’s) heart is through his (or her) stomach. If you want to try out something fresh in your relationship, then the two of you can take your palates on a trip through exotic flavors.

Try out a new cuisine, such as flavors from the East or Southwest. If you and your partner like to cook, then buy a recipe book filled with fun and flavorful new dishes that you two can whip up in the kitchen together. You can even go all out and decorate your dining room into the theme of your meal for that day. For instance, if you are both thinking of having some sushi and sashimi, then you can both listen to some Japanese music and eat with chopsticks. And while you’re at it, why not dress up in a kimono. Who knows where that will lead to.

  1. Try something new (in bed).

Maybe the same old tricks are beginning to get stale. After all, monotony can kill fun anywhere, especially in the bedroom. Do not be scared to try out new things together, just make sure that the two of you agree on it.

Explore fun ways to spice things up and keep things interesting, such as new positions or some toys. If you are not into that sort of stuff, then change the ambiance into something more romantic, such as lighting a few candles and pouring some wine. The important thing is to bring something different.