Lourdes Leon, the 13-year old daughter of Madonna, has joined the list of celebrity designers with a little bit of help from her mother. Iconix is the company who will producing the line for young teen girls. E! Online reports that Lourdes’ creations will appear in Macy’s stores across the nation on August 3, right during the time when many teens are buying back to school clothes to show off to their friends. Celebrific reports that the fashion line, named Material Girl, will cost between $12.00 to $40.00, making it affordable for families in troubled economic times. As with any other celebrity fashion line, accessories including jewelry are also included, as created by the Lourdes-Madonna collaboration. However, as fashionable as these clothes are by pop culture standards, there are in fact ten good reasons why parents should not buy these fashions for their young daughters:

1.Most of the fashion can be described as being designed for 21-year old women who work in a bordello. Pre-teens do not need to be wearing clothing that can make them an easy target for sexual predators. After all, if your 12 year old wears this when meeting that ideal boyfriend on MySpace who turns out to be a 35 year old pedophile despite claiming to be 15-years old, who will protect her?

2.If pre-teen girls wear the Material Girl line, then even younger girls will want to wear the same thing. Now that is a scary thought for many parents, even those who tend to be permissive. If your pre-teen girl wears a Material Girl fashion and your 7 year old daughter sees it, guess who will be giving in to the younger daughter’s fashion desires? Yes, you, Mom.

3.The Material Girl line is not school-appropriate and it is questionable being party appropriate, too. Wearing immodest clothes will just make your daughter the butt of jokes and sexual harassment from boys. Besides, schools were invented to be centers of academic learning, not fashion shows.

4.Studded combat boots and tutu skirt dresses in black. Black is not the best color for pre-teen girls, who usually look much better dressed in whites, pastels, or even bright color, depending on their natural coloring and what complements that coloring the best.

5.Micro-mini skirt lines. Right now the very short shorts are “fashionable” for pre-teen and teen girls and show way too much down there than necessary. Girls who wear any skirts from the Material Girl line will not be able to sit down in school without inviting trouble from the boys. Actually, they will not be able to sit down anywhere they go in public, if they do not want men to stare at their nether parts.

6.The Material Girl fashion line will just draw the wrong type of attraction from males anywhere, not just schools. The males in question do not even need to be potential pedophiles.

7.Consequently, the Material Girl fashion line reflects the self-image of the girl wearing the clothing. A black micro-mini skirt with a tight top showing off the midriff says “I have no self esteem and need to get approval from others.” Of course, it will be more of disapproval from men.

8.Speaking of disapproval, even adult women will frown down upon pre-teen girls wearing Material Girl clothing. Back in Victorian times, a woman never dared to go out in public unless her high button collar was buttoned all the way to the top, and her legs were fully covered with floor-length skirts. I admit to being one of those women, but not because I am from the Victorian Era (I am not that old).

9.Speaking of Victorian Era, since so many young girls like to say that “In the good old days women started having babies in their teens, so why can’t I have kids?” to their parents and everyone else around them, their clothing should be consistent with their era beliefs. I am not saying these kids should wear high-button collars with floor length dresses and skirts, but to try and dress more modestly. Consistency is worth everything here.

10.Lastly, the #1 reason children should not wear Lourdes Leon’s Material Girl fashions: children are supposed to look and dress like children, not like 21-year old bordello employees.If you aren’t satisfied with the above points, you can always lookup the Best 10 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in the UK for better prospects as Madonna and her daughter are hardcore fashion icons and their clothing is best identified as bold despite her having attained a great age, which has proven to be just a number for her as she looks the same as ever and seems to have found the fountain of youth.

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